In addition to selling quality parts, we provide a wide range of services to meet all of your maintenance and performance needs.
Wicked Performance Group is a small company which means you get to deal directly with the technitions who are working on your car, not a service writer or office staff. We strive to provide quality, personal service to each of our customers to build a relationship that goes beyond the bottom line.


Every car, whether showroom stock or heavily modified, needs routine and scheduled maintenance to keep it running properly. We provide a wide range of services for Subaru and Honda vehicles, from factory-scheduled services and oil changes to timing belts, clutches, and brakes. We stock a full line of Motul Synthetic fluids as well as Genuine Subaru and Honda fluids, filters and other consumable parts to keep your vehicle running with the same OEM quality parts it rolled off the factory floor with.


Our extensive knowledge and experience with the various platforms we service has made our diagnostic skills exceptional. We do basic services like leakdown tests, compression tests, and oil analysis on a regular basis. We also have a large collection of wiring diagrams we have compiled and even made over the years from USDM, JDM, and EDM market vehicles we have worked with, and we are able to repair and troubleshoot most wiring problems without issue. We also have heard all of those suspension and brake noises your car makes from time to time, so a quick ride is usually enough to figure out your car's problem.

Tuning and Performance Modification

We have been bolting go-fast parts on to Subarus just about every day since 2008, and onto Hondas since we learned to turn a wrench. Over the years, we have learned what combinations of parts work best together, and how to tailor each build to the customer's requirements. We have experience installing just about every kind of part on the market, including intakes, downpipes, exhausts, turbo inlets, TGV and AI delete kits, intake manifolds, fuel pumps, fuel rail systems, aftermarket oil pans and pickups, turbo manifolds, top- and front-mount intercooler kits, gauges, and just about anything that is possible to add to a performance vehicle. We also offer tuning services for Subaru and Honda vehicles, please see the "Tuning Policies" tab for more information.

Engine Swaps

Whether you have a Subaru or a Honda and you're chasing horsepower, chances are you will eventually need or want an engine swap. We are intimately familiar with the mechanical and wiring details of most Subaru and Honda engine and platform swaps. Honda swaps we offer include any of the D, B, H and K series powerplants, and as swapped CRX owners ourselves we understand the difficulties associated with the older platforms and we know the tricks to make them work. For Subarus, we have swapped everything from EJ205, EJ207 and EJ257s to custom stroker and hybrid engines. We do a large number of EJ207 swaps into the 2002-2005 WRX platform, including re-wiring the car for the JDM ECU, and we are also capable of converting the V7 and V8 EJ207 to run on a 32-bit WRX/STi ECU. We also have experience re-wiring older OBD1 and OBD2 Subarus to run modern flashable ECUs. If your swap is not listed, feel free to contact us as we have done many other swaps across different manufacturers and platforms as well.

Subaru Engine Building

In recent years, the demand for long-lasting, high output Subaru engines has increased dramatically as EJ25 pistons fail from power, abuse, or simply old age and EJ205s succumb to factory oiling issues and burned valves. We are constantly in the process of building, rebuilding or repairing at least one Subaru engine, with excellent results. We don't believe that a generic "off the shelf" shortblock is going to be the best solution for everyone. By working closely with our machine shop and personally inspecting, measuring, and assembling each engine we build, we are able to maintain a consistent level of quality and longevity while still building each engine for its intended purpose. See the "EJ257 shortblock" page for more specific information.

Drivetrain Swaps

As WRX, LGT and FXT owners constantly push the limits of their factory equipped manual transmissions, or just want to get rid of their automatics, we regularly perform a range of drivetrain swaps. For each swap there are many options for transmissions, rear differentials, driveshafts, axles, brakes, etc and we can help you decide which swap is best for your use and fits your budget without guessing at parts compatibility. We know what works, and we know how to make it work best to put your power to the ground safely.

Manual Transmission Service

We service manual 5-speed and 6-speed transmissions for Subaru, Honda, and some Nissan vehicles, as well as Subaru rear differentials. Subaru services include front and center differential installs, RWD conversions, speedometer gear installation for newer 5MTs, bearing and seal replacement, and complete tear downs including straight-cut/semi helical gear set installations. For Honda transmissions, we do everything from input shaft bearing and seal replacements to complete builds with custom gear sets and differential installs. We are also well experienced with the 1988-1991 D16 RT4WD system (6MT).

Fabrication and Welding

In addition to complete intercooler kits, downpipes, and exhaust parts we fabricate, we also offer services for DIY customers who need basic welding done. We are experienced with both MIG and TIG welding and we can weld carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and titanium. We also have a vertical mill and can make basic custom parts and modify existing parts as needed. Please contact us directly with any fabrication questions.

Track Day Inspections

Our customers participate in motorsports of all kinds; quarter mile drags, stage rally, ice racing, hillclimb, and road course racing and anything else that can be done on four wheels. Many clubs require that your car be checked over by a professional before attending an event to ensure safety. We offer these services, as well as pre- and post-season maintenance for our avid racers.