Vehicle Specific Services

There are a few services and products we offer in addition to our normal work that we would like customers to be aware of:

We repair the slop in old worn out and even new aftermarket shifter linkages for D and B powered Hondas, with a zero-play u-joint. We have also expanded the product and produced jigs that allow us to offer these for Subaru manual transmissions as well. We cut out the OEM sloppy universal joint, and using a special process we TIG weld a new, sealed and slop-free joint in its place. We also offer modification to B-series linkages for EF and CRX swaps, as well as shift lever/throw modifications for Honda and Subaru shift levers.

We offer a variety of custom built fuel systems for Subaru turbo platforms. For the 2008-2014 STi and other models suffering from low-load fuel pulsation we build a custom regulator assembly replacement using OEM quick-release line fittings and an OEM fuel pressure regulator for a drop-in, hassle free upgrade. For vehicles with an integrated regulator, and those engines making significantly more power than stock, we build complete kits to replace all of the under-hood factory components. Based around Aeromotive top-feed fuel rails and an A1000 external regulator, each system is individually constructed for the most efficient, safe, and visually pleasing final product. As this is a custom product, we do not offer it for sale without installation and there is no specific list of parts. If your car requires a fuel surge tank or more extensive plumbing, we do sell and install Radium Engineering tanks with our custom kits.

The Brembo 4- and 2-piston calipers found on 2002+ STi models are known for broken bolts and stripped threads, potentially costing hundreds of dollars in replacement parts and downtime. With this service each caliper is drilled and repaired properly with a vertical milling machine, so the holes are straight and located exactly where the factory put them. They mount back on the car with the OEM bolts, and the caliper faces are safe from scratching or other damage. For calipers that are already heavily used and lightly damaged, we can rebuild them with new seals as well as sandblast and powdercoat them for a new finish.

OBD1 Honda ECUs are still a common platform in the import world. We can socket, add conversion parts, and repair most OBD1 boards. We provide free socketing and installation for NepTune RTP and Hondata S300 customers who purchase a board with us. Please contact us for your specific ECU hardware questions. We no longer work with OBD0 ECUs, nor do we provide base maps for socketed ECUs.

The Factory Five Racing 818 WRX-based kit car is a major project, even for the skilled technician. We have been working with 818 builders since they first started collecting parts. They’ve had us do everything from build engines to 2WD conversions, as well as rebuild worn-out donor parts for installation on new kits. As these kits are on the market longer and more are being completed, we are constantly learning more about what works and what is needed. We understand that most 818 builders are not professional technicians and fabricators, so we offer our services and knowledge to enable owners to complete their dream projects. Please contact us if you have any specific 818 questions.

The Version 7 EJ207 engine has become one of the most popular swaps over the last few years. Our knowledge base for these engines is almost entirely learned from first-hand experience with both engine swaps and chassis re-wiring projects. For DIY swappers, we offer a basic re-wiring service for 2002-2005 WRX platforms. For 32-bit drive by wire cars, we can reconfigure your swap engine to run with the factory USDM ECU.